No overnight success story here folks, MMR has been building modular engines and components longer than anyone in the business- period. MMR has seen many of its competitors come and go over the last decade, yet has remained the rock for performance engines with amazing and record breaking  performance to back it up, year after year.  MMR has done what even their closest competitors said could never be done.

MMR’s racing history began in the mid 90’s with awesome 9 and 10 second street cars. In 2002 MMR set and still holds the record for the fastest 5 speed Mustang with an incredible 8.99 at 154mph, in 2004 MMR built the quickest and fastest stock style suspension Modular powered Mustang in the US with an 8.07 at 176.8mph. . In 2007 MMR set the record for the quickest  Modular Powered Mustang  with a 7.88@ 181.4!

As the modular engine continued to develop MMR took a short break in 2008/2009 to concentrate on new developments and products giving our competition a chance to catch up. The calm didnt last long however when MMR Released it new 2010 Racecar shattering all the previous records with an incredible 6.99 @ 205.2 making it the quickest and fastest non tube chassis modular in history! Since then it has run as quick as 6.750@219.79 MPH.

In 2013 MMR set its sights on the new 5.0 Coyote engine and destroyed all previous records with a 7.02 @ 202.5 MPH setting the new and current world record in the process. Some tube chassis vehicle were having a hard time keeping up! 

Next up was the MMR tube chassis racecar with its sights set on the 5’s, its best to date is a 6.04 @ 246.89 making it the WORLD RECORD HOLDER for the fastest Modular engine EVER!

MMR believes in the race on Sunday and sell on Monday mentality. We are not just a warehouse that sells parts, we race, test, develop and sell products that we are confident in. In 2013/2014 MMR can be seen campaigning its racecars in PSCA and select NMRA events. Want to join the MMR team? Contact us for special programs and discounts. Hope to see you out there.

NMCA Pro Mod Win


Arizona Outlaw Champion

Calvert Racing wins with MMR Pro Mod Coyote

NMRA Coyote modified record holder and 3 time event winner

World Coyote Record 7.02 @ 202MPH

Dan Hale MMR Coyote 5.0 WIN @ NMCA outlaw 8.5!

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