MMR Offers the following services:

(we do not provide vehicle repair, installation or accept vehicles at our facility, we do not accept any engines or parts with oil, parts must be clean and free of all contaminants prior to shipping to us )


(add $200 for engines sent with covers ie. pan, timing cover, rear cover, timing cover, valve covers, balancer)

2V $250

3V $300

4V $400

4V 5.0 Coyote $600

Longblock Assembly

(turning a shortblock into a complete engine using new or customer supplied parts)

(add $400 to below prices for re-installing covers)

2V $400

3V $600

4V $800

4V 5.0 Coyote $900

Piston Coatings

MMR “Redfire

Set of 8 pistons  $250

Piston Notching

100% CNC Machined

2v, 2v TFS 3v or 4v (REQUIRED FOR ALL HIGH LIFT CAMS) $150.00 (set of 8)

Head Porting

World Class Record Setting porting services by MMR

>>Read This before sending your heads<<

(send MMR your heads for a full port and polish)

7-10 Day Turnaround !!

All below stages include disassembly/assembly, Competition valve job and new seals along with the full port and polish

of the intake port, exhaust port and combustion chamber. We Guarantee our head porting to be the best in the business!!


Stage 1 2Valve $800pr +20HP

Stage 2 2Valve $900pr +30HP

Stage 3 2 Valve $1100pr +40HP

Stage 1 3 Valve $1200pr +20HP

Stage 2 3 Valve $1300pr +30HP

Stage 3 3 Valve $1500pr +40HP

Stage 1 4 Valve & TiVCT $1250pr +25HP

Stage 2 4 Valve & TiVCT $1350pr +35HP

Stage 3 4 Valve & TiVCT $1550pr +45HP

Available Options:

Install Bronze Valve Guides (labor only)

2V $250

3V $300

4V & 4VTiVCT $350

Hi-Flow Stainless Steel Valves

Upgraded spring packages

Chromoly or Titanium Retainers

Racing Cylinder Head Repair

Weld and resurface damaged chambers and sealing areas $400 per head

Bore cam journals and install bearings (for damaged /seized cam journals-great for saving ported/expensive heads)


Deck / Resurface heads $250pr

Competition Valve Jobs

2V $450

3V $550

4v $650

Racing engine rebuilds (shortblock)

Send us your MMR engine or other Brand for a professional  rebuild

Torque Plate Hone, New Rings, New Bearings $1250!!

Engine balancing

Send MMR your crankshaft, pistons and rods for complete digital balancing and printout

4.6/4.75 $200

5.4 $350

Stroker 4.6/5.0/5.3 $375

Racing Cylinder Head Repair

Deck / Resurface heads $200

Install Bronze Valve Guides (labor only)

2V $250

3V $300

4V & 4VTiVCT $350

Valve Jobs

2V $350

3V $450

4v $500



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